ClearlyJS (preview)

Welcome to the official documentation of ClearlyJS!
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This documentation is still not ready (of course you can read the completed parts and give feedback :)
Make it simple! A JavaScript library made for making small-scale apps in no time - and without learning a new language!
Please note that:
1. this is not the final version and things can be changed.
2. I won't allow any changes to this repo's code (or copying the code from any file in any branch of this repo) until I'll release a final version (will be called 1.0 or something like it, and I'll let you know).
3. You can use the library now (read 1 again!) - put the following in your page's head: <script src="[email protected]/ClearlyJS/clearly.js"></script> and write your code with defer.
You can also import ClearlyJS from your js file (Will be available soon): import clrly from '[email protected]/ClearlyJS/clearly.js'
A real documentation is coming soon, the completed parts are available here.